Freestyle Kung Fu

Hello and welcome to the Freestyle Kung Fu Academy.

The Freestyle Kung Fu Academy offers a family friendly atmosphere in which to learn and grow through Kung Fu. Our classes cater for children and adults of all levels of skill from beginners to professionals, at any fitness level.

About the Freestyle Kung Fu Academy

Although associated primarily with fighting arts, the term Kung Fu actually means “hard work over time to accomplish great skill” and whether your goal is to learn to defend yourself, improve your fitness, or increase your own sense of self-discipline in all areas of life, our instructors are dedicated to helping each and every student achieve greatness.

It is our belief that it is the individual who makes the style and not the style that creates the individual. Every person is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach to martial arts training. Men and women differ physically; some people are tall, some are short; where one person may have strengths another may have weaknesses and vice-versa.

Therefore our training begins by setting up a strong foundation to work from; the correct mechanics of how to punch, kick, move, block etc. are taught with the reason behind each technique fully explained. Once the foundation has been established, higher level students begin to focus on making the art their own; learning how to apply each technique with the student’s own creativity and personal expression.

No matter what your background or your goals, we welcome everybody to come along and experience Freestyle Kung Fu

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