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  • Yin and Yang; Complements vs Opposites - Most of us are familiar with the symbolism of yin and yang, two forces constantly moving around each other for all eternity. However, a common mistake for us in the west is to assume that yin and yang are opposing forces working against one another but in reality they complement one another. Opposing forces exist […]
  • The Birth of Kung Fu - Like many things the origins of Kung Fu are shrouded in a cloud of myths and legends and it is sometimes difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. The earliest martial techniques were little more than techniques picked up during the endless fight for survival amongst predatory animals and rival human tribes. During this time there were no formal styles or […]
  • Meet Sifu Frank - Sifu Frank Mechler started his martial arts training at the age of 6 years old and since then his passion for the martial arts has never stopped growing. Over his life time he has trained in judo (junior brown belt), Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt), Boxing (Amateur), Muay Thai (Red Singlet), Choy Lee Fut Freestyle […]
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